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Mercurine! The Lusties! Moving! GAHHHH!!!!!


Wow, is life busy!

Starting off, this Friday (6/29/07) at the Mutiny in Chicago:

The Lusties
The Box Bruisers
Pearls Mahone & the One-Eyed Jacks
The Shithawks

It's a punk-rock extravaganza! For FREE!!!!
With cheap beer!!!

Then, because I am completely in-fracking-sane, I'm flying to LA the next day for THE MERCURINE 2007 SUMMER TOUR!!!

Over 10,000 miles of madness!!! The Milwaukee and Chicago shows will also feature The Lusties, so I'll have to work out some kind of costume change or something.

Finally, somehow I convinced myself it was a good idea to buy a house. Myself is dumb sometimes. WTF was I thinking? Closing happens right after I return from tour...

What? What did you say? I couldn't hear you because my ears are blocked by leakage from my melting brain...
Tags: music, sleepless

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