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The horns!


So, like so many folk I know, I've fallen for Twitter.

I seem to post to it a lot more than I do here. I guess there's not a lot of pressure when you only have to fill 140 characters. Plus, it's useful for seeing who wants to get a beer at any given moment.

If you are so inclined, feel free to add "illiterati", and we can tweet together. :)
The horns!


So what is is with variations on "literati" and slash fiction? I've recounted my experiences with the "literati" username previously, and now out of curiosity, I just looked up "illiterati," another variation I've been known to use.

Yep, more slash.

Am I violating some obscure LJ rule by not posting stories about sci/fi characters doing the nasty?
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The horns!


I've been using the name "Literati" online since 1990. I was a student at U of I, and wanted something that would reflect that I was an English major, and that I loved books.

When I signed up for LJ, I noticed that Literati was already taken, but I didn't look to see by whom. I just picked a different (but similar) alias.

Today, I got curious, and looked at literati's journal. It's someone who writes Harry Potter slashfic.